Meet Smitty & Mitch


Co-Founder & Master Barber

I am originally from Augusta, Georgia, but made Northern Virginia my home after retiring from the Marine Corps. In 1992, I began my career as a barber. My love and respect for the barbering industry inspired me to attend barber college and earn my license in 2009. Since 2009 I have been a Master Barber at HAIR TALKS in Springfield, Virginia. I consider many of my clients family and I believe it is through this approach that my client list has grown to over 700.

My goal has never been to be the best barber in the world, only to be the best barber to my clients.

My vision was always that my client base would span across races and genders. Thanks to a push from my Auntie Gloria, I diversified my skill set to include all hair types, as well as eyebrow edging, to appeal to any customer. The barbershop is a sacred place. My clients can relax, be entertained, and speak openly, all while their image is refreshed by a sharp haircut.

Co-founding SMITH+SCOTT allows me to realize my dream of elevating the barber craft with tools and services that will benefit the barbering community.

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I was raised in Louisa County, Virginia, a place of tree-canopied natural landscapes, and populated with practical, yet polished, blue collar entrepreneurs who aspire to something greater. Included in my Southern upbringing were the grooming standards of a gentleman. I was taught to present myself sharply and dressed appropriately, whether in a finely tailored suit with a spread collar shirt and windsor-knotted tie, or timeless urban-prep wear … my hair always cut, of course. With these ideals ingrained in me, I sought higher education and received both undergraduate and graduate degrees. After I received my graduate degree, I remained in the DC-MD-VA area to pursue a successful two-decade career in finance. I never lost my entrepreneurial spirit. While I worked as a finance analyst by day, I also dabbled in real estate and wardrobe consulting, after hours. Through my career and life in the DMV, I developed the essential partnerships required to establish a successful business. I simply needed the right idea and partner.

In co-founding SMITH+SCOTT, my vision of becoming a prospering entrepreneur has come full circle. I am proud to be a part of a company that focuses on innovation, while providing the highest level of customer service.