The Micro-Straight Razor (MSR-1)

Straight to the DetailsTM

The SMITH+SCOTT MSR-1 is more than a razor. It’s an upgraded cutting experience. Smaller in size and equipped with a slender, lightweight blade, the MSR-1 is an effortless, precision tool for barbers and stylists.

Our Story

The SMITH+SCOTT vision was birthed in the summer of 2017, from a desire to provide a truly custom product designed exactly the way barbers and hair stylists want it. As both barber and client, we know your preferences and desire to create the perfect precision hair cutting experience each and every time.

SMITH+SCOTT believes in the representation of many different cultures and the rich history of the straight razor experience. We look forward to being an active part of the barbering and hair styling community for years to come.

Our Mission

We are perfectionists who consider the client experience as familial and sacred. Our passion for our product and the most consistent barber and hair styling service is what drives us.

The MSR-1 design was created with 100% of our attention and can be used as part of a daily routine or in a shop or salon setting. Tradition, detail, quality, function, form, excellence, SMITH+SCOTT.

The Details

With unrivaled precision, the SMITH+SCOTT MSR-1 finely edges beards, eyebrows, hairlines, and part designs. Your transformations are our legacy. Visit our Instagram page for more images and videos.

The Essentials

All-Inclusive Packaging

The SMITH+SCOTT MSR-1 is made from high-quality stainless steel and is engineered to top safety standards. Included in your investment is a Traditional or Thumb Swivel MSR-1, a protective pouch & 10 double-edge blades.

Traditional Micro-Straight Razor (MSR-1)
traditional micro straight razor with pouch
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Thumb Swivel Micro-Straight Razor (MSR-1)
thumb swivel micro straight razor with pouch
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The MSR-1 makes it easy to do super clean lines and more detail. 

Freddy Navarro, Good Fellas Barbers, El Paso, TX

This is a fabulous non-gender specific razor that gets up close and personal. Great tool for professional and novelists!

Mr. Smoot

This razor is very lightweight and easy to use; it rest on my fingers like I'm holding a pen. I can do smaller sections with this razor.

Dee/Mishawn Salon, Camp Springs, MD

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